Resource Guide

This page provides a one-stop shop for many of the key resources, organisations and individuals around which this curriculum is based.

It is important at the outset to note that we must act with respect and recognition of the resources, both human and otherwise, contained within this Guide. They are the keepers of the knowledge so central to this work – this must always be recognised when in turn sharing this knowledge with students. It is the role of the teacher to connect their students to the individual, organisation or resource, so the knowledge may be shared.

Further, this respect and recognition means that at time there are particular terms on which we should engage with these curriculum resources. This is no different to any other part of your curriculum program (e.g. when it comes to physical resources, guest speakers, incursions and excursions). Guidance is provided around this where relevant.

For assistance with arranging a guest speaker, it is best to contact your school’s KESO or the GVAECG (Goulburn Valley Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, contact details below).   

Please note: a list of recommended speakers, along with guidance on how to appropriately engage with these speakers, is currently being developed.


Contact Details

Goulburn Valley Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (GVAECG) Miranda Borlini (Chair)
Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation (YYNAC) (03) 5832 0222

To arrange a tour of The Flats, contact:

Reuben Baksh
(03) 5820 0000Bangerang Cultural Centre  (03) 5831 1020 Aboriginal Cooperative (03) 5820 0000Parks Victoria Hilda Stewart
(03) 8427 3322/0447 583 603

Greta Morgan
(03) 8427 3322/0400450526 Sports Health Education (ASHE) University of Melbourne, Shepparton
21 Nixon St,
Shepparton VIC 3630
(03) 5823 6600Kaiela Arts 137-139 High St, Shepparton VIC 3630
(03) 5821 9842 Reconciliation Group Dierdre Robertson (03) 5821 7333



This list will be added to as the curriculum is further developed.


How the Murray River Was Made

  • Various copies of the text available including one by Irene Thomas and one by Linda Bruce & Francis Firebrace


The Barmah Bunyip (and other local stories) by Sue Briggs-Pattison

  • Many schools will have copies of these books in their library


Nyernila: Listen Continuously (particularly p. 52)


The Works of Hyllus Maris


Living Stories of the Dhungala Kaiela

  • A collection of stories by Elders and Artists from Gallery Kaiela, launched in late 2016. The story is accompanied by a number of original pieces of art and incorporates local language and by a DVD containing a puppet show of the story.
  • Copies can be purchased from Kaiela Arts: 137-139 High St, Shepparton VIC 3630 (03) 5821 9842



Oral Histories


Pecan Summer


Women of the Sun


First Australians


The Flats DVD

  • Some schools will have a copy of this DVD.
  • If not, to arrange a copy of the DVD contact:
    • Worawa College
    • (03) 5962 4344