Fundamental to the design and use of this Curriculum are a set of Protocols. These were established through the extensive consultation that took place throughout the development of this Curriculum. Further information on this process can be found on here.

These Protocols have guided teachers in the development of the various resources you will find on this website.

They must also guide the use of these resources in classrooms. For instance, the Protocols identify that this Curriculum is designed to be a vibrant, living resource. This means that essential to appropriate implementation of the curriculum in your classrooms is engaging with our local community (e.g. through field trips, excursions, and guest speakers). Guidance is provided on this throughout the units.

These protocols will be considered through the Professional Development Program that accompanies this resource.

The Protocols

  • The curriculum should be representative of our diverse community and all the different groups present;
  • Initially, there should be a focus on units that are not likely to be contested;
  • The curriculum should focus on individuals and their perspectives;
  • It should represent a variety of these perspectives – so to form a tapestry;
  • Individuals should be able share their identity, but we avoid labeling history or culture as that of a particular group;
  • Importance of achieving an improvement in the current situation for students and for families – this should be our focus;
  • It should be a broad curriculum that can then be used by schools, working with their community and families, as they would like to;
  • KESOs and GVAECG to be central to implementation of the resource in the schools;
  • The implementation of the resource MUST be supported by a professional development program in all schools – involvement of the community with this will be critical;
  • The resource should be presented on a website to emphasise that it is living and developing – should make strong use of human resources by suggesting when guest speakers or excursions should be used.

Additional Resources

An additional set of Protocols of significant guidance are those developed by VAEAI for Koorie education in Victorian public primary and secondary schools.

These protocols provide guidance on a range of things, including engagement between Koorie communities and schools, for engaging with VAEAI and LAECGs, and for curriculum, teaching and learning.