Professional Development

A critical component of this Curriculum is the Professional Development Program that must accompany it, if the resource is to be used in schools.

A key theme of the extensive consultation completed with community organisations and individuals, was that any curriculum must be accompanied by professional development for teachers, so they may use it in an effective and meaningful manner.

A Professional Development Program was development with a number of core units. This was taken to a Community Forum where it was determined that certain key units must be covered before the Curriculum may be used in schools.

Important Note: If you have not participated in this Professional Development, unfortunately you should not be access this resource.

Project Champions

Each school implementing the resource has designated a Project Champion to lead the implementation of the Professional Development Program and Curriculum within their school.

We thank these Project Champions for their critical contributions, and for their efforts, often in their own time.

If you are unsure of who your school’s Project Champion is, it would be best to talk with your school’s Principal.


If you would like to implement this professional development program within your school, please contact the Curriculum Project Coordinator, Tim Warwick, via email:

Tim can also provide support to school’s implementing the Professional Development Program.


There are a number of key documents, which provide detail on the Professional Development Program:

  • The Intro Session for Project Champions sets out the key details of the Project, the Project Champions role, and the full content and timeline for the Professional Development Program;
  • The Professional Development Program Outline sets out the key components of the first 4 sessions of the Program;
  • The Session 1-3 Professional Development Materials Powerpoint, provides key content and prompts to assist with running the first three sessions of the Program;
  • The Check Ins and Check Outs Document is critical – it sets out a number of intro and exit activities for each session that we request all schools implementing the program use, so to achieve some uniformity.

It is important to acknowledge that these documents have been guided by community feedback, and also utilise a range of existing professional development resources in this area.

If you wish to utilise these resources, and have not previously been in contact with us, please contact Tim Warwick at:


The progress of the implementation of this Professional Development Program in schools will be documented through a Blog, which can be accessed at this here.

This Blog will feature a number of examples of this practice.