There is a wealth of cultural knowledge and experiences within our community, directly relevant to The Arts Curriculum.

This covers many diverse facets including Dance, Visual Arts, Drama and Music.

This document sets out areas within The Arts Curriculum where easy connections can be made to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content.  Suggestions about relevant local content are then set out.  These suggestions are not exhaustive and school staff and KESOs may have further ideas.  

It is important that our students get to engage with local artists and individuals as much as possible so to allow them a sense of this wonderful, deep cultural experience and knowledge within our community.

Key Local Knowledge Featured in this Unit

individual spirits

Local Indigenous Dance Groups

There are a number of Indigenous dance groups within our community.  They are excellent groups to have visit your school and conduct a performance or workshop for your students.  Details of these groups are included the Unit Ideas documents.


Pecan Summer

Pecan Summer is the first Indigenous opera.  It was written by Deborah Cheetham.

Further details on this important work are included within the Unit Ideas document.


Music Artists from the Goulburn Murray Area

Briggs and Archie Roach are two artists originally from the area, whose work may provide good material to examine Music classes.  A number of other artists are also identified in the Unit Ideas document.

kaiela arts

Local Visual Artists

There are many local visual artists schools can engage with to share their work with students.

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Unit Ideas


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