The Stolen Generations (including Local Experiences)

History Years 9-10

Key Questions

  • What was the reasoning of the government for the Stolen Generations?
  • What was the experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the Stolen Generations?  What impacts did it have?
  • Why has our government made the decisions it has when it comes to rights?
  • Do all people experience rights and freedoms equally?

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Explain the reasoning of the government behind the Stolen Generations, and will evaluate this reasoning.
  • Explore experiences of the Stolen Generations.
  • Analyse and reflect upon the impact of the Stolen Generations.      
  • Analyse the perspectives of others and formulate their own perspective.

Curriculum Links

Historical Knowledge

  • Causes of the struggle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for rights and freedoms before 1965 (VCHHK152)
  • Significance of the following events in changing society: 1962 right to vote federally, 1967 Referendum, Reconciliation, Mabo decision, Bringing Them Home Report (the Stolen Generations), the Apology and the different perspectives of these events (VCHHK154)

Historical Concepts and Skills

  • Analyse the different perspectives of people in the past and evaluate how these perspectives are influenced by significant events, ideas, location, beliefs and values (VCHHC124)
  • Analyse the long term causes, short term triggers and the intended and unintended effects of significant events and developments (VCHHC127)
  • Evaluate the historical significance of an event, idea, individual or place (VCHHC128)

Intercultural Capability

  • Analyse the complex and dynamic interrelationships between and within cultures in a range of contexts and the impact of these interrelationships on their own and others cultural practices (VCICCB017)

Key Local Knowledge Featured in this Unit

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Local Experiences of the Stolen Generations

As part of an examination of the occurrence of the Stolen Generations across Australia, it is also important to consider how and who it impacted locally.

Two suggested sources of this are The Flats DVD and the Stolen Generations testimonies.  Further details on both of these are contained within the Unit Plan.

Number of Lessons


(plus time for assessment, if it is necessary)

Unit Plan