The Kaiela Dhungala First Peoples Curriculum is based around the idea that it is important for content focusing on our local Aboriginal peoples being incorporated across the curriculum.  It is important to students are exposed to this content year round – this provides them with a sense of the depth and strength of our local Indigenous cultures and knowledge systems.

At the same time, it is also important to provide students with an understanding of key events and dates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  This does not replace your year round curriculum though.

An excellent calendar of key dates for Koorie people, along with supporting resources, has been developed by VAEAI and can be accessed here.

Additionally, as part of the Kaiela Dhungala Curriculum, we will over time develop resources relevant to particular key dates.  These resources will enable teachers to commemorate/celebrate these dates in a way that connects strongly with our students and local community.  These units will be available below:

Local Resources

sorry day

National Sorry Day (May 26)

Lesson and Unit Ideas developed for our students and local community can be accessed here.

Number of Lessons