Portraiture – Local Elders

Visual Arts Years 5-6

Key Questions

  • Who are our local Indigenous Elders?
  • Through portraiture how can we present their stories?
  • What is the difference between the traditional and contemporary portraits of Indigenous people?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about how an artist shows the ‘soul’ of a person through portraiture.
  • Learn about traditional Indigenous portraiture artists and the contemporary Indigenous artists
  • Art / Portraiture presented through different mediums, e.g., drawing, photography, ceramics.

Curriculum Links

Years 5-6 Visual Arts

  • Explore visual arts practices as inspiration to create artworks that express different ideas and beliefs(VCAVAE029)
  • Select and apply visual conventions, materials, techniques, technologies and processes specific to different art forms when making artworks(VCAVAV030)
  • Create and display art work considering how ideas can be expressed to an audience (VCAVAP031)
  • Identify and describe how ideas are expressed in artworks by comparing artworks from different contemporary, historical and cultural contexts(VCAVAR032)

Years 5-6 Intercultural Capability 

  • Explain how intercultural experiences can influence beliefs and behaviours, including developing a critical perspective on and respect for their own and others cultures (VCICCB010)

Key Local Knowledge Featured in this Unit

kaiela arts

Kaiela Arts

This Unit is an excellent opportunity to engage with a wonderful resource our community has to offer, Kaiela Arts.

In addition to being able to provide experiences to this Unit, Kaiela Arts offers excellent incursions and excursions relevant to your general Visual Arts curriculum.

Their contact details are included within the Unit Plan.


Local Elders

This Unit is a good opportunity for students to learn about local elders, both past and current.

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