Nature – Connection to Land

Foundation-Year 2 Visual Arts

Key Questions

  • Our natural environment – how, when and where do we feel connected?
  • How do our local Indigenous people connect to the land?
  • Through what medium do our local Indigenous people represent their strong connection to land? – Music / Art / Performance

Learning Objectives

  • Respond to what they are seeing, hearing and feeling through creating artwork using a range of mediums.
  • Reflecting on their and others connection to land, through art.
  • Knowledge of local Indigenous artists who use nature and connection to land in their artwork, e.g., Ronald Atkinson, Eva Ponting – Ceramic Artist, Rebecca Atkinson – Photographer.

Curriculum Links

Foundation – Visual Arts 

  • Explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination to create visual artworks (VCAVAE017)
  • Experiment with different materials and techniques to make artworks (VCAVAV018)
  • Create and display artworks (VCAVAP019)
  • Respond to visual artworks and consider where and why people make visual artworks (VCAVAR020)

Years 1-2 Visual Arts

  • Explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination and express them through subject matter in visual artworks they create (VCAVAE021)
  • Experiment with different materials, techniques and processes to make artworks in a range of art forms(VCAVAV022)
  • Create and display artworks to express ideas to an audience (VCAVAP023)
  • Respond to visual artworks by describing subject matter and ideas (VCAVAR024)

Foundation-Year 2 Intercultural Capability 

  • Describe their experiences of intercultural encounters in which they have been involved (VCICCB002)
  • Imagine and explain what their responses might be if they were placed in a different cultural situation or setting (VCICCD004)

Key Local Knowledge Featured in this Unit

shepp river

Our Local Environment

This unit provides the opportunity to students to explore their connection to the local environment, in addition to its aesthetic value.

kaiela arts

Kaiela Arts

This Unit is an excellent opportunity to engage with a wonderful resource our community has to offer, Kaiela Arts.

In addition to being able to provide experiences to this Unit, Kaiela Arts offers excellent incursions and excursions relevant to your general Visual Arts curriculum.

There contact details are included within the Unit Plan.

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