Dreamtime Stories in Art

Visual Arts Years 3-4

Key Questions

  • What do ‘Dreamtime’ stories mean to Indigenous people?
  • What are the ‘Dreamtime Stories’ for our local Indigenous peoples?
  • How can Art tell a story?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about local stories.
  • Create artwork related to the stories
  • Learn about local artists who use Dreamtime stories as their art inspiration
  • Explore Art as its own story.

Curriculum Links

Visual Arts

Explore ideas and artworks from different cultures and times as inspiration to create visual artworks (VCAVAE025)

Explore visual conventions and use materials, techniques, technologies and processes specific to particular art forms, and to make artworks (VCAVAV026)

Intercultural Capability

Describe what they have learnt about themselves and others from intercultural experiences including a critical perspective on and respect for their own and others cultures (VCICCB006)

Key Local Knowledge Featured in this Unit

How the Murray River was Made

How the Murray River was Made

the Dreamtime Story

This is a Dreamtime story of the local people for how Biami/Tutakapin created the Murray River.

Other versions of this text are available.

Hand Art

The Art of Local Artists

It is important as a part as a part of this unit to engage with the work of local artists.  You can do this by connecting with Kaiela Arts.  The details for this are contained within the Unit Plan.

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