Key Questions

  • How do dance practitioners from different cultures, times and locations, communicate ideas and intentions through dance?
  •  What is the significance and importance of dance in Aboriginal cultures and in our community?
  • What personal meaning do we gain from these studies?
  • What new skills do you learn?
  • How is Indigenous Dance similar and different to other genres?
  • How does Indigenous dance use choreographic devices and Dance elements?

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Expand movement vocabulary, practice and refine skills found in dance from another culture / genre
  1. Develop choreographic skills through the use of motif, other choreographic devices and the Elements of Dance
  1. Gain knowledge and skills to analyse and create dance with an intention, with reference to production elements
  1. Understand perspectives, lenses or frames through which artworks (dance) can be explored and interpreted

Curriculum Links

Dance (Levels 7 & 8)

  • Use safe dance practice, elements of dance, body actions and improvisations to explore ways of making literal movements into abstract movements (VCADAE033)
  • Develop their choreographic intent by applying the elements of dance to select and organise movement (VCADAE034)
  • Practise and refine technical and expressive skills in style-specific techniques (VCADAD035)
  • Structure dances using choreographic devices and form (VCADAD036)
  • Rehearse and perform focusing on technical and expressive skills appropriate to style and/or choreographic intent (VCADAP037)
  • Analyse how choreographers use elements of dance and production elements to communicate intent (VCADAR038)
  • Identify and connect specific features of dance from different times and locations, including the dance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to explore viewpoints and enrich their dance-making (VCADAR039)

Intercultural Capability (Levels 7 & 8)

  • Analyse the dynamic nature of own and others cultural practices in a range of contexts (VCICCB013)
  • Examine how various cultural groups are represented, by whom they are represented, and comment on the purpose and effect of these representations (VCICCB014)

Key Local Knowledge Featured in this Unit

individual spirits

Local Indigenous Dance

This unit involves a workshop being conducted with students by one of our local Indigenous dance groups.  Students will get to observe the dance, learn the stories behind them, and also participate.

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Unit Plan


Supporting Documents

Lesson 1

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