Community Groups and Elders

Civics Years 3-4

Key Questions

  • What different community, social and cultural groups exist in our community?
  • Why do people get involved with community, social and cultural groups?
  • What are some of the groups in our local Aboriginal communities?
  • What is the role of elders in our Aboriginal community? What is the motivation for elders to contribute to our community?

Learning Objectives


Students will be able to:

  • Identify different groups within their community.
  • Analyse the reasons individuals get involved in these groups.
  • Identify groups within our local Aboriginal communities.
  • Explore the role of elders


Students will be able to:

  • Research different groups.
  • Ask questions of local community members.
  • Articulate the type of community and groups they wish to be part of.

Curriculum Links

Citizenship, Diversity and Identity (Levels 3 and 4)

  • Describe the different cultural, religious and/or social groups to which they and others in the community may belong (VCCCC007)
  • Investigate why and how people participate within communities and cultural and social groups(VCCCC006)

Intercultural Capability (Levels 3 and 4)

  • Explain the role of cultural traditions in the development of personal, group and national identities(VCICCD007)

Key Local Knowledge Featured in this Unit

Aunty Ella

Our Local Elders

A central experience at the heart of this unit is providing students to hear from one of the elders in our community.  Students will be able to explore what role an elder has within the community, and what motivates this individual to perform this role.

Number of Lessons


Unit Plan


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