Specific resources are in the process of being developed for each part of the Arts curriculum.  In the meantime, suggestions are made below regarding possible local knowledge that could be incorporated into this curriculum.  If you are interested in developing specific resources, please contact us. 

Visual Arts

Kaiela Arts can provide incursions, excursions and guest speakers around a number of topics and art styles.

  • 137-139 High St, Shepparton VIC 3630
  • (03) 5821 9842
  • manager@gallerykaiela.com.au


It is suggested that you work with your KESO and/or community organisations including the Bangerang Cultural Centre and Kaiela Arts, to engage with local Aboriginal musicians, including didgeridoo players.

The following is a preliminary list of musical artists who come from our local area, who you make like to explore the music of:

  • Deborah Cheetham
  • Dhungala Children’s Choir
  • Briggs
  • Archie Roach
  • Isaiah Firebrace
  • Jimmy Little
  • Lou Bennett


There are a number of local Indigenous dance groups.  Your KESO will be able to assist you with connecting to these.