Key Questions

  • How do our local Aboriginal care for our land and our place in the past?
  • How do they do so in the present and into the future?

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Identify the diversity of countries and places for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Identify the area of our local Aboriginal communities
  • Explore how local Aboriginal people cared for land in the past, how they do presently and how they plan to in the future.  

Curriculum Links

Year 3/4 Geography

  • The many Countries/Places of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout Australia, and the custodial responsibility they have for Country/Place, and how this influences views about sustainability (VCGGK080)
  • Similarities and differences in individuals’ and groups’ feelings and perceptions about places, and how they influence views about the protection of these places (VCGGK083)

Year 5/6 Geography

  • Influence of people, including the influence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, on the environmental characteristics of Australian places(VCGGK094)

Key Local Knowledge Featured in this Unit


Key Local Sites and Places


This unit encourages you to engage with local community members and organisations involved with caring for our land.

Number of Lessons


Unit Plan


Supporting Documents