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This curriculum will be a live resource that is updated regularly with new content, as well as refinements to existing content.

We would like to keep teachers up to date with these changes through Termly Newsletters – these will be targeted to the particular content area/s you teach.

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We are very aware that the units contained within this resource are just a snapshot of the range of excellent practice already occurring across our region.

We would welcome additional contributions at any time!! This might include teachers who already have existing resources or teachers who just have ideas for resources (or even just the desire to figure some out), and who would like to involved.

We are in the position to provide a limited amount of time, by covering the CRT cost for your school, for you to be able to work on these.

To submit your resources or ideas for resources complete this form.


We welcome feedback on any aspect of the curriculum.

This might include:

  • Suggestions of future additions to the curriculum;
  • Ideas for refinements of units;
  • Questions about any aspect of the curriculum;

To submit feedback, please complete this form.

It will ask for your name and email, and if relevant, we will endeavour to reply to the feedback provided.

Contact Us

This Project has been overseen by the local Principals Networks’ Koorie Partnerships Group, in partnership with the Goulburn Valley Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (GVAECG), Department of Education and Training and a range of further community organisations and individuals.

Specific contacts include:

Timothy Warwick
Project Coordinator
(Assistant Principal, Gowrie St Primary School)

Angela Buxton
Chair, Koorie Partnerships Group
(Assistant Principal, Verney Road School)

Miranda Borlini
Chair, Goulburn Valley Aboriginal Education Consultative Group

Katrina Penfold
Koorie Education Coordinator, Department of Education and Training