March 2017:   Shepparton Small Schools Cluster – Introducing the Website PD Session

On March 21, the staff of 7 of the schools from the Shepparton Small Schools Cluster (Congupna PS, Invergordon PS, Katamatite PS, Katandra West PS, Tallygaroopna PS, Tungemah PS, Wunghu PS) gathered at Katandra West PS to be introduced to the Kaiela Dhungala website.  

It was a great afternoon where we engaged in why this work is important so to provide ‘windows and mirrors’ and then got to spend time going through the Curriculum Website and starting to plan how the curriculum will be used in each of our respective classes.

Shepparton Small Schools Cluster 1
Shepparton Small Schools Cluster 2

February 2017:   Neighbourhood Schools’ Panel: The Importance of Indigenous Education to Our Schools and their Communities

On 1 February all staff (both teaching and support staff) from the three Neighbourhood Schools (St Georges Rd PS, Wilmot Rd PS and Gowrie St PS) gathered at the Rumbalara Elders’ Facility.  

They were there for something very important – to hear from five speakers, very important to their school community, about the importance to them of the schools engaging in efforts in Indigenous education.  The panel included Aunty Marlene Thomas (an elder who has long worked for and been associated with St Georges Rd PS), Aunty Merle Miller (an elder who currently works with Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation), Leanne Sangster (a parent of students at Gowrie St PS), Nicole Atkinson (a parent of students at St Georges Rd PS) and Kaitlin Roberts (a past student of both St Georges Rd PS and Gowrie St PS).

It was excellent to hear the insights, experiences and advice of this panel.  It left much for the staff of the three schools to consider and provides an exciting foundation for their work implementing the Kaiela Dhungala First Peoples Curriculum.  

Neighbourhood Schools Panel 1
Neighbourhood Schools Panel 2
Neighbourhood Schools Panel 3

December 2016:   McGuire College’s Importance of Indigenous Education Session

In December 2016, McGuire College ran its first professional development session on the Importance of Indigenous Education.  This was organised by their Project Champion, Jagdish Mahinder Singh, and KESO, Erica Bell.  

The school’s staff was joined by Aunty Faye who shared her story and thoughts on why adopting the curriculum, and similar work, is important to the school’s community.  The teachers then reflected upon this, developing posters around their thoughts on why it is important.

McGuire College PD Session 1
McGuire College PD Session 2
McGuire College PD Session 3

December 2016:    Project Champions Training Session

In December 2016, the Project Champions from a number of schools gathered at the Academy Sport Health Education (ASHE) to prepare to introduce the professional development program and curriculum into their schools in 2017. They were joined by the KESO team, along with other DET representatives.

The Project Champions practiced a number of the Check In and Check Out activities that have been designed to support staff with the key thinking involved with this project. These activities are used to commence and close the professional development sessions within the schools. They also had the opportunity to listen to and engage with a presentation from the KESO team on Understanding the Community.

Follow up sessions with these Project Champions will be held twice in 2017. We thank all these Project Champions for this commitment and effort.

Project Champions Planning Meeting 1
Project Champions Planning Meeting 2