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The Kaiela Dhungala First Peoples Curriculum is the work of many community members, organisations and educators, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, of the Goulburn Murray region.  It incorporates the cultures, histories and knowledge of the Goulburn Murray region’s Indigenous peoples, within the framework of the Victorian Curriculum, in a significant and meaningful way.

Those involved with the curriculum acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, their elders and their future elders, for their contributions to this Curriculum and to our community. This curriculum seeks to pay respect to and increase awareness of the strong, vital Indigenous community that has resided in this area for thousands of years (and still today). This is a living culture and history – to fully respect and appreciate this it is essential that schools, teachers and students engage directly with community members and organisations, not just this resource.

Featured local


  • Uncle William Cooper

    Uncle William Cooper

    Uncle William is a significant national figure, and a civil...

  • Sir Doug Nicholls

    Sir Doug Nicholls

    Sir Doug is a further significant national figure born and...

  • Pecan Summer

    Pecan Summer

    Pecan Summer is the first Indigenous opera. It was written...

  • Local Indigenous Dance

    Local Indigenous Dance

    There are many wonderful groups that cultivate and share traditional...

  • Living Stories of the …

    Living Stories of the …

    This is a wonderful picture book produced by Kaiela Arts...

  • Goulburn Murray Artists

    Goulburn Murray Artists

    Briggs and Archie Roach are two artists originally from the...

  • Barmah National Park

    Barmah National Park

    Parks Victoria guides can take students to visit key sites...

  • Bangerang Cultural Centre

    Bangerang Cultural Centre

    The Cultural Centre includes a great range of artefacts and...


This curriculum will be a live resource that is updated regularly with new content, as well as refinements to existing content.

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This Project has been overseen by the local Principals Networks’ Koorie Partnerships Group, in partnership with the Goulburn Valley Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (GVAECG), Department of Education and Training and a range of further community organisations and individuals.